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We can assess your current installation and advise on the best way to reduce fossil fuel consumption and save on running costs. We offer a range of high efficiency products from all leading brands giving you the power to make informed decisions about your energy efficiency and heating needs.

Boiler & Burner Service

Maintenance and Breakdown Service

We provide round the clock emergency breakdown service for when your critical equipment fails. We also provide statutory monthly, quarterly and annual preventative maintenance to all your gas and oil systems including but not limited to:

  •  Hot water systems
  • Heating hot water systems
  •  Pool heating systems
  • Air heating systems
  • Ceramic Kilns and Glass Furnaces
  • Gas supply safety systems
Pressure Valves

PRESSURE Vessel Inspections

We can carry out required statutory pressure vessel inspections and provide you with the required documentation to register your plant with ACT Workcover or any other state regulator. We can also provide clients with replacement or reconditioned pressure relief valves in accordance with Australian Standards.

Steam Boilers


We can assist with design and conduct the installation of your steam plant and provide you with a maintenance schedule tailored to your needs. Canberra Boilers have the experience, expertise, industry knowledge and the necessary skills to provide you with peace of mind that your steam plant will be reliable and ready to function when you need it.

Reconditioned Boilers

Reconditioned Boilers

Canberra Boilers has a wide range of reconditioned boilers that can be installed to suit budgetary restraints as a temporary emergency fix to ensure your heating, hot water steam requirements are maintained. We can also provide a full reconditioning service of your existing equipment.

Air Compressors

Type B Gas Installations

Canberra Boilers employs and trains Type B Gas Appliance workers, who can advise and assist you though the rigours of all your Type B gas appliance installation, Technical Submissions and Commissioning.

Heating Boilers

Flue Installation

Canberra Boilers offers ACT Licenced flue design, installation and certification for all your Type A & Type B gas appliances. We can design and install any size flue to meet your requirements and ensure it meets all current standards through best practice procedures.

Refractory Repair

Retail Service

Canberra Boilers is currently setting up our retail division for walk-in sales and services.

Advanced gas fitting

Gas appliances can vary in size, operating pressure and complexity, ranging from small gas space heaters to large industrial steam boilers or industrial furnaces. Gas fitting work with these two types differs in nature, complexity and risk.
Canberra Boilers can provide:

  • Complete turn-key solution from new meter set to your appliance
  • Pipework sizing and installation
  • Supply and installation of sub-meters
  • Pipework integrity testing
  • Advice and design on modification/s to your site thus reducing risk